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Please see the choir’s new website at http://www.winnipegboyschoir.ca for information about the choir and its activities; all pages on this old site have been disabled.  Thank you.



  1. Hello,my name is Roy Nelson.I was with WBC in the 70’s,because of reasons beyond my control, I have no record of this very important part of my youth. If there are any pictures or other forms of record for the past I would love to be able to see and or recieve some kind of proof that I was really in the WBC….I would have been in the choir in the early 70’s. If you can help me that would be wonderfull…thank you, Roy Nelson

    • Hi Roy.

      Thanks for the interest in the choir. We actually have no ready access to records from that period. If you do come across anything like that yourself, please let us know.

  2. The Snow Choir looks Awesome!!!!!

    • Thanks Nicholas!

  3. I was a member of the WBC in the early 1950’s until my voice would have changed in about 1956-ish. I really cannot remember much of my life at this time. However I can remember learning the Wings of a Dove solo but cannot remember if I ever performed it.
    I went on to study voice and have sung as a tenor soloist in Canada, the Germany, the UK and Australia. I did not sing from about 1971 to 2005 when I joined the Sydney Male Choir as a 1st tenor and am having a great time making good music with a superior choir.
    If anyone has any info on the WBC from that time I would be delighted to hear from them.

    • Don, if you ever come to Winnipeg again, please let us know. We would love you to visit the choir. Keep singing!

  4. Congratulations on your continuing efforts. Kid and I named Bruce Gunn were in the choir about 1949-53. All I remember is Bruce and I sang some duet at Festival and got 93 or 94 for it. Jean Broadfoot was the greatest accompanist anyone could ever have had.

    • Hi Barry. Thanks for getting in touch with us. Hopefully you can come out to one of our performances and see what the choir is doing recently. Make sure you introduce yourself to one of the directors, they would love to meet you!

  5. My brother John Anderson is in the photo and sang with the choir for some years and I have just sent this link to him in Japan.

    We have the 1970 LP but not in digital format and would be very interested if someone has a digital recording or mp3 available.

    (Barry Anderson was my organ instructor during that period.)


    • It’s great to hear from a former WBC choir member. We are glad that you have sent info to your brother as well.

      At this time, we are not aware of the 1970 LP being available in digital format. We do have a CD from 2003 available.

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  7. Hi

    I was in the WBC late 60s, early 70s. I would love any information you have and could share.

    Earl Henry James Hall

  8. Thank you to all who have commented and left messages on this blog. Please feel free to contact us at our new web presence, using the links above.

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